Is what I dream being said to me when I present my version of coq au vin to a certain delicious French chef 🙂

I was always fascinated with French and everything associated with them (not French fries though, that’s no Frenchie!) It started when the pre-schooler me first laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower on the telly many many moons ago and simply, fell in love with it. The love was further cemented when I worked briefly in a French cosmetics company and hearing those French talk, how could I not fall in love with them…it? Ahh, Paris……*dreams of the silky creme brulee and being serenaded by French music*

Ok, back to reality.

I have not stepped foot in France so the next best thing is through their cuisine! French cooking is reputed to be the most difficult cuisine to master and I couldn’t agree more. However, they do have the yummiest food around and I just got to try my hand on it.

First recipe: Coq au vin. Which simply means rooster with wine.

Now, I don’t have the habit of buying rooster so I substituted it with plain ol’ hen ( hence, I’d rename it poulet au vin).

The recipe I got was easy to follow and in the end, what I ended up having was this beauuuutiful plate of chicken and its wine-y goodness. Very satisfying. But the pot of goodness was mopped up way too quickly, leaving us with no seconds.

“Always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need.”
― Julia Child

Yes ma’am yes, I will heed this golden advice.