Cupcake love

Few years ago, a friend of mine bought me a cupcake from a well known bakery. It was one of the cutest cupcake I’ve come across.

But I did not finish eating it. As a matter of fact, I hated it and off into the trash it went.

It was too sugary, too much fondant (imho!)and the cake was too dense for my liking. It was also a little stale, probably from being on display for too long?

Anyway, having that experience made me sidetrack cupcakes for dessert for a while. Few more cupcakes made its way down my path but I somehow dodged it.

Now years later, I was ready to have cupcakes again and instead of going to that shop, I made my own. This time, we clicked. 🙂

Baked lil' babies cooling off

Baked lil’ babies cooling off

Ooops on the double layer!

One down, few more to go

One down, few more to go


The recipe I followed worked perfectly, with the cupcake being soft and fluffy. I love coffee in my cake so coffee flavoured it was. Topped it with a spiral of mocha-laced frosting, it was my idea of cupcake heaven.

With that, it was time for a reconciliation. Bon appetit!




Le poulet est tres magnifique!

Is what I dream being said to me when I present my version of coq au vin to a certain delicious French chef 🙂

I was always fascinated with French and everything associated with them (not French fries though, that’s no Frenchie!) It started when the pre-schooler me first laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower on the telly many many moons ago and simply, fell in love with it. The love was further cemented when I worked briefly in a French cosmetics company and hearing those French talk, how could I not fall in love with them…it? Ahh, Paris……*dreams of the silky creme brulee and being serenaded by French music*

Ok, back to reality.

I have not stepped foot in France so the next best thing is through their cuisine! French cooking is reputed to be the most difficult cuisine to master and I couldn’t agree more. However, they do have the yummiest food around and I just got to try my hand on it.

First recipe: Coq au vin. Which simply means rooster with wine.

Now, I don’t have the habit of buying rooster so I substituted it with plain ol’ hen ( hence, I’d rename it poulet au vin).

The recipe I got was easy to follow and in the end, what I ended up having was this beauuuutiful plate of chicken and its wine-y goodness. Very satisfying. But the pot of goodness was mopped up way too quickly, leaving us with no seconds.

“Always start out with a larger pot than what you think you need.”
― Julia Child

Yes ma’am yes, I will heed this golden advice.

Life’s a peach…really?

As March waves goodbye to us and us to her (all my months are female, it made sense that way), one could not help but to ponder, did the 1st quarter of 2013 just bolted? I am taken aback how fast the days are rolling by and for me, I am still where I am, no peach in sight.

Not the best sign, maybe I should add oil to the engine and get started already on those peaches.